Modeling Cross-State Air Polution Rule (CSAPR) by the EPA

Modeling Cross-State Air Polution Rule (CSAPR) by the EPA

Modeling Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) can be done.  If you haven’t already done so – it is right around the corner 1/1/2012.   I can help you setup your power model to run the Cross State Air Transport Pollution Rule (CSAPR).   I will also be able to explain a process to produce emission price forecast.   This can be done in just about any power model – whether it is AURORAxmp, Promod, GE Maps, etc…

I can have all this done before next year if you would call me ASAP   614-356-0484.   I have been working with the Center for Energy Economics Bureau of Economic Geology Jackson School of Geosciences The University of Texas at Austin.  Within a weeks time we will be running simulations of CSAPR in various gas price conditions producing projections of emission allowance prices.

This proven process that I will transfer to you will also be able to identify coal retirements in the system, show potential stress points in terms of gas demand as coal units retire, and many other significant market insights.   Modeling rules like this will have potential to make or mitigate cost within the millions.   I have a process that will be transparent and empowering to your team.   Your knowledge of the markets will expand immensely.

You will note I have received notable recommendations for my ability to get your team up to speed on the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR).

“David is a highly intelligent, talented individual. He is an expert on markets and economics and provided AEP and me with excellent analysis and information which was applied directly to our strategic planning.”

— Carl English, Vice Chairman, American Electric Power

“David is one of those rare people who can see the forest but also knows how the trees are made. He has a strong background in energy and energy modeling with real depth in oil, natural gas, and power/emissions markets.”

— Allan Stewart, Executive Director, PIRA Energy Group

Please do call – times of uncertainty you can lose or make significant sums of money.


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