Projects & Testimonials


We positively and evocatively challenge the current thinking involving any aspect of energy use. We look for projects that offer meaningful, transformative, with impactful outcome to the marketplace or society.

Given our overall experience in so many market sectors of the international energy business, AEC is equipped to handle many different types of studies and assessments for your business or government enterprise. However, our true value comes from the projects where we convert our analysis into actual business strategy and plans for you.

Our projects fees are typically a combination of fee based service to acquiring equity in the project we are involved in. We will accept a project at no cost given the project fits the criteria above and offers us an ability to take part in the future riches.


““I worked with David over a couple of weeks to conduct electricity market modeling using sophisticated software. We were trying to meet a tight deadline and had a lot of scenarios to test. Thanks to David’s expertise in both the software and electricity markets, we were able to finish all planned work within our tight deadline. In fact, we did a lot more because David is a tireless worker who doesn’t shy away from putting in 12+-hour days, including weekends. Last but not least, it was a pleasure to work with David.”

Gurcan Gulen, Sr. Economist, UT Center for Energy Economics. (client)

“David provided expert review and evaluation of a key analytical tool and its use by our organization. His insights and recommendations are directly helping improve the quality of our work and building greater support from our stakeholders.”

Charlie Black, Power Planning Division Director at Northwest Power & Conservation Council. (client)