All Energy Consulting was founded and is managed by David K. Bellman, a seasoned energy professional and market analyst.

David K. Bellman is a seasoned energy professional and market analyst.  After graduating with honors from the University of Texas with a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering, David began his career with Purvin & Gertz, Inc., an international energy consultancy based in Houston, Texas.  During his tenure at Purvin & Gertz, David participated in numerous petroleum and refining industry studies for international oil and gas companies, state-owned oil companies, refiners and petroleum marketers.  Major projects included developing crude oil valuation models for large national oil companies, managed and developed the South Louisiana Quality Bank, to producing a detailed feasibility and project development work for the Fujian Refining and Petrochemical facility.  David was also in charge of the world supply and demand balances for the company.   His public notoriety moment occurred when he was the lead analyst among all oil analysts to forecast the crude oil collapse of 1998.  He was on the front page of USA Today March 10, 1998 and also made appearances on various other publications and radio shows.

After several years with Purvin & Gertz, David joined Deloitte Consulting to broaden his consulting skills, provide market insights to the energy industry and participate in developing technological tools to assist the energy industry (e.g. Portals).

In 2002, David joined American Electric Power (AEP) in Columbus, Ohio with an initial assignment on the oil trading desk.  After the Enron collapse, AEP downsized to concentrate on its core business model; namely, power and utilities.  To continue succeeding with the company, this move by the company forced David to adapt by redirecting his attention and focus from the international oil market to power and utility markets.

Over 7 years, David received 5 promotions and became the youngest Managing Director in the history of AEP. Responsibilities included directing a team of analysts and assist in developing the company’s strategic plan.  David also directed AEP’s forecasts for economic growth, load demand and supply/demand and price forecasts for a host of commodities; including: oil, natural gas, coal, emissions, metals, and power.

In addition to management of AEP’s analytics group, David was also responsible for maintaining the company’s relationships with various organizations such as The National Petroleum Council (NPC).  While working in this capacity, David became a key member and contributor to an NPC study titled”Facing the Hard Truths about Energy“.  David’s contribution on this very notable study was significant, serving on the Coordinating Sub-Committee (CSC), Demand, Technology, and Geopolitics & Policy group, and performing as the lead author on several sub-topic papers.   David also served on the Technical Review Panel for the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

After a very successful career at AEP, David joined EPIS to expand his industry connections and develop sales and marketing experience that would later prove to be beneficial in building his energy consultancy.  While at EPIS, David designed and moderated the most successful conference in the 14-yr history of EPIS, per attendees’ reviews.

In 2011, David officially created his consulting company All Energy Consulting.  The namesake stems from David’s diverse background in all the energy forms – Oil & Gas to Power.  The formation of All Energy Consulting is under the premise the world’s energy markets have converged and various consulting companies are being commoditized.  Many consulting companies have taken a strategy to commoditized knowledge.  When knowledge is commoditized it is converted back to information.  David was a person in charge of purchasing and managing consulting services and saw the value for consultants came from their unique perspective and the color each consultant brought to the discussion.   David has directed All Energy Consulting to continue to add value to clients by offering unique insights and quantifying risk to create some certainty in uncertainty.

David initial work at All Energy Consulting involved assisting a hedge fund focused on trading power and gas on a fundamental basis.   David was tasked with producing a power model that accurately and precisely portrays the N. American power markets and the associated fuel usages.   The level of requirements and sophistication demanded by the client was very high – much higher than the degree done at AEP or at several consulting companies.   The focus was not on policy or trends, but the desire to quantify the realities of the markets to place multi-million dollar bets.

David many years of modeling plus the experience at AEP allowed him to produce a model that meant several requirements from his client.  The fund backers had re-organized and decided to pursue another path.   David did not give up on the model.   David took his experience from this and developed an entire platform – not just a model – where multiple clients could benefit from the ability to quantify risk by discrete variables.  This platform is now known as Power Market Analysis (PMA).     PMA can be used to quantify risk and value the insurance premium represented in the futures market of power.   The platform can be used beyond power traders.  It can be used as in risk management to measure identify key metrics.  PMA can also be used to help design a hedging program for utilities and end-users.

David is working on another platform focused on oil valuation and refining economics – Oil Market Analysis (OMA).  This platform will allow users to interactively understand the trends in the refining industry plus be able to value crude oils relative to other crude oils.

While developing these multi-client platforms, David has helped individual companies from an Oil & gas producer, commercial property owner, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, to utilities.   His assistance involved modeling and quantifying energy related risk and opportunities.  To see a more detailed list please view David’s CV.

At All Energy Consulting, David has been published many times in various publications and has been on various radio shows.   David had the cover page story for Fortnightly October 2014 edition where he presented the analysis of the Clean Power Plan using the PMA platform.