Optimizing and Monetizing Electric Energy Use

Electric rates are rising across the country even though fuel cost should be bringing them down.  There is good to be seen in this situation.  With higher rates, it is time to examine how you are using your electricity.  In several markets, there are ways to actually make easy money from your electric usage.  Yes – you can make money and it is easy.   In addition, there are creative ways to minimize your cost by examining the various tariffs.

There has been much touted on energy efficiency.  Many are saying “The best form of energy use is the one not used.”  McKinsey Consulting put out a grand report highlighting the fact energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to reduce emissions.   Why has energy efficiency not taken off?   The business incentives have failed to develop.   At All Energy Consulting, we believe it is time to be innovative in the business incentives side.  Many have already spent the time and effort on the technology.  It is time to deliver in the usability and practical nature of energy efficiency.   All Energy Consulting is consulting with major developers and property owners to transform their business practices.  Many already know energy use is far down the list of why a tenant chooses a location.  Given this fact many developers and property owners have put in low cost equipment from electric heating, low cost windows, to minimal insulation.  Why not flip the logic?   If we know most tenants do not care about energy cost, why not charge the tenant a flat fee which is competitive enough to incentivize energy efficiency.   One can turn property management into a profit center.

All Energy Consulting has examined the numbers and believe the time is now.   The utilities cost are reaching new heights.  Technology has allowed cost to dramatically decline in distributed technology and energy efficiency options.  We can help you make a better tomorrow while making money.