Oil Market Analysis (OMA)

Analyzing the oil markets require a strong technical and marketing mindset given the breadth of products and geographical reach.   All Energy Consulting (AEC) has begun to put together Oil Market Analysis (OMA) to deliver market  insights for your success.

Our first OMA product is an interactive crude oil evaluation model.   The model is designed to compute the various value of crude oils based on various refinery configurations in the gulf coast.   Crude oil producers and refineries can use the results to value their contracts to make sure the discounts/premiums are representative of the current markets.   OMA uses our proprietary refining models and crude assay database to compute monthly valuations into the future.   The initial market prices are the future markets.   The interactive abilities allow the user to upload their own yields and future market expectations.



Today’s constant connections allows us to deliver insights daily.  OMA is here for you whenever you need it given its daily computations.   OMA is prepared for any major market changes.