Emissions & EPA Analysis

New EPA regulations and standards continues.  Modeling and understanding the various impacts of EPA and local rules can be done.  We have modeled all the various regulations/policy over the past 10 years from Clean Air Act (CAA) to Waxman-Markey Carbon Bill.   At AEC we not only give you forecasts, but we show you how you can do it – empowering your workforce.   Completely understanding CSAPR can make and/or mitigate millions of dollars of cost for your company.  Let us help you reaffirm or offer greater insights into your emissions strategy.


AEC expertise range from:

  • Market Studies with Supply/Demand Projections and a Risk Assessment
  • Assist in developing a process to evaluate emissions (CO2, SO2, NOx, HG, etc…)
  • Regulation / Policy Impact Study to Emissions
  • Price Projections
  • Cost to Society Analysis
  • Identify and Evaluate Hedging and Trading Opportunities for Emissions