Coal Consulting

Coal is under attack in the US.  The multi-prong attack includes regulations on the production side to regulations and potential policy on environmental concerns including carbon dioxide (CO2) / greenhouse gases.  There are several paths for coal in the US to go.  At AEC, we spent much of our history managing and understanding the various risk factors in the coal market for one of the largest buyers of coal in the US.  We can help reaffirm or offer additional insights to your forecast and planning strategy around coal markets along with the associated parallel market risk (e.g. power markets).


AEC expertise range from:

  • Market Studies with Supply/Demand Projections and a Risk Assessment
  • Identify and Measure Coal Market Risk
  • Competitive Market Assessment – Evaluate supply and market risk from other sources
  • Regulation / Policy Impact Study to Demand and Supply
  • Evaluate Coal Fuel Conversion Technology
  • Define and/or Evaluate Strategy for both Producers and Consumers
  • Fuel Contract Evaluation